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The TeraNue Tongue

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Fed up with noisy nights and restless sleep due to snoring or sleep apnea? Enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted slumber! Our innovative device discreetly helps manage snoring and sleep apnea while offering maximum comfort. 

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed & Rejuvenated 

Reduce morning sleepiness, headaches, dry and soar throats. 

No More Loud Snoring

Now you and your loved ones can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep. 

Long Lasting & Reusable 

Our patented design tongue retainer is made to last you a life time.

Scientifically Proven! Here's How It Works:

In the MRI image on the left, you can see that the tongue falls in the back of the airways while you sleep. This blocks the airways causing snoring and less oxygen flowing through your body.
The MRI image on the right shows the TeraNue Tongue gently holding the tongue in a stable and forward position, preventing the obstruction of the airways and keeping them open and clear.

Eliminate Snoring

The TeraNue Tongue has helped 98% of our customers eliminate their snoring.

Get The Sleep You Always Wanted

Using our device has resulted in a decrease in headaches while improving daily focus for 95% of our customers.

Designed For Comfort

91% of our customers love how comfortable & easy it is to use our device.


✔ Proven & Extremely Effective
✔ More Comfortable Than Other Tools (Chinstrap, CPAP Machine, etc.)
✔ Reduce Headaches
✔ Better & Deeper Sleep
✔ Increase Focus & Alertness
✔ Cost Effective
✔ Easy To Use


Insert the mouthpiece which will guide your tongue into the device's bulb until it touches both sides. As the flaps extend outward, optimal comfort is ensured. But here's where we truly stand out...

Gently squeezing the bulb's ends sets in motion a delicate, effective pumping action. Your tongue is drawn into the ideal position for an undisturbed night's sleep. Unlike uncomfortable chinstraps or CPAP machines, our solution won't affect your sleeping comfort and will leave you with calm and quiet night rest. 


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