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HAVENTIC - Gray Hair Reverse Bar

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Are you tired of watching those stubborn gray hairs multiply, becoming more noticeable every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror? 

It's time to reclaim your vibrant, youthful hair color! Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional hair dyes and expensive treatments that provide only temporary relief, all while causing potential damage. Instead, opt for a revolutionary solution that not only conceals but rejuvenates your hair from within.

Introducing the HAVENTIC - Grey Hair Reverse Bar, a game-changer with its patented formula. Say hello to a future where your gray hair is transformed into a lustrous, natural shade, thanks to our innovative method of activating pigment cells deep within your hair roots.


Visible results in only 3 weeks

Week 1.
Your scalp is healthier and hair is noticeably more vibrant as ingredients like bamboo charcoal remove toxins and impurities from follicles and pigmentation returns.

Week 3.
Gray hair continues to change to its natural pigmentation as melanin production in the cells increases.

Week 6.
Your hair is smoother, more vibrant and has its full natural color back as full pigment production is achieved, creating long lasting effects.



Even the most impeccable locks can succumb to the inevitable graying process, influenced by a range of factors such as stress, the passage of time, and the hand of genetics.

Here's the science behind it:

  1. With the passage of years, the melanocytes, those vital pigment warriors in your hair, gradually lose their vigor, causing your hair to lose its youthful color.

  2. When stress enters the equation, a chemical known as NE is unleashed within the hair follicles, wreaking havoc by hastening the demise of melanocytes and halting pigment production in its tracks.

The solution? Empower and invigorate those melanocytes to intensify pigment production, thereby conquering both the challenges posed by your genetic heritage and the daily stresses of life. It's time to regain control over your hair's destiny!



Panax ginseng root extract is a natural anti-aging agent and growth stimulant that strengthens hair roots and follicles for healthier hair.

Black sesame has an anti-inflammatory effect and rejuvenates cells. Thus, it helps in building healthy, thick hair.

Bamboo charcoal detoxifies your hair, absorbing toxins and impurities and leaving a natural protective oil layer.

Shea butter moisturizes your hair, adds shine and brings out its natural color. The anti-inflammatory properties protect the hair root.



1. Thoroughly soak hair
Wet your hair in the shower with warm water. Run your hands over your scalp or beard to make sure it is completely wet.

2. Lathering
Run the grey hair reverse bar through your hands to create the lather.

3. Apply
Once thegrey hair reverse bar is lathered up in your hands, set it aside and massage the lather into your hair, all the way to your scalp or chin(if using on a beard).

4. Rinse
Rinse the foam thoroughly and continue to care for your hair as usual.

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